Best Hack Protection Services Are Available For WordPress Websites

No one can deny the popularity and success of WordPress; it is a lifesaver for millions of website owners around the globe. However, you need to use best practices if you want your WordPress website or blog to be secure. Despite WordPress’s success as an easy-to-use blogging platform, there are still evil people out there … Read more

How Can Small Companies Easily Protect Themselves Against Hacking Attacks?

Websites powered by WordPress are a popular choice for people from all around the world. The outstanding software used by content developers is well-suited for beginners and experts alike. As a user, you can easily take care of all the essentials, and with that you want your WordPress to be secure. Default configuration is one … Read more

Why you need WordPress website maintenance

If you have a website built on WordPress, it needs maintenance. The WordPress code is constantly being updated for security and functionality reasons. Every time a browser releases an update, a new mobile phone or device is released, or Windows or Mac updates their OS – WordPress will also have to make updates to allow … Read more

The Benefits of a Website for a Business

Social media has to be involved for almost all businesses to prosper these days. It is through social media that one can create and share information, business ideas, and career interests among other important things. Social media comes in various forms, but the best way a business can grow is through a website. A website … Read more

How to embed videos in Drupal

Get the embed code The first step is to upload your video to youtube site, and get the embed code that they supply to you. The embed code typically looks something like this: <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> 2. Posting in Drupal Log into your Drupal account, go to the page you would like … Read more

How to Select the Best CMS

A CMS is nothing more than a software solution that allows you to manage your website’s content (content management system). If you’ve ever used a WordPress or Blogger blog, then you’re familiar with how a basic CMS works. Whether you’re running a basic business site or large ecommerce site, you’ll need a good content management … Read more