Music To Deep Work To

Music is a big part of my productivity and maintaining high energy. I use it to motivate me and keep my focus. I find that handpicking a playlist helps me stay on task and improves my creativity. So I made a list of music that makes my top list “sounds to work to”. Most of the music on this list is instrumentals since it’s proven that lyrics can be distracting. So without further ado:

Elevation Through Music (Bonus Track) by 40 Winks
I just got hip to 40 Winks about 4 months ago, but I wish I knew about them earlier. If you don’t know, 40 Winks is an instrumental hip hop group made up of two producers — Padmo’ and Weedy — from Antwerp, Belgium. Their beats are almost hypnotic and great for repetitive tasks. This track is pretty smooth but they have several others like Outside the Box, Planet Anvers and The Day Breaks, that you might want to check out.

Beautiful Lovely by The Deadbeats
Don’t really have a ton on this group, but their beats are outstanding. I’ve completed several projects just on their music along. You Never Know is also a nice track, it has a little Jill Scott sample, that can be a little distracting, but the beat gets a productivity thumbs up.

Silver by Bonobo
Bonobo (aka Simon Green)is a British musician, producer and DJ based in Los Angeles. I use his music for high stimulus when I need to get motivated or faced with a deadline. The horns on this track and soulful drums instantly pickup the pace and get those juices flowing. Bonobo has a new album, so I would expect most of the tracks have that productivity feel to it.

It Ain’t Hard to Tell by Nas
Ok I said mostly instrumental, but Nas is something I normally start the set with and as a former DJ I can’t exclude it. This track is just the motivator and gets me in the right state of mind- it tells me “Its time to get to work”. The Jackson sample and Nas’ lyrical assault are just enough to get you up for any task. If you want a nice instrumental of this checkout Will Sessions’ version.

O Heaven (instrumental) by Blu & Exile
This track has a little vocal in the hook, but the beat is so soothing and focused. I normally use this one when I working on something that I don’t need to be to creative but need to stay focused. It just has a heavenly feel good vibe. Not really big on Blu and Exile, but the beats are on point.

Forever by DJ Babu
This has to be one of my favorites for getting work done. It has a nice Hall&Oates sample from Sarah, but the beat is so uplifting hard not to feel good listening to this. This is one I play almost every deep work session. Not really crazy about DJ Babu’s other tracks, but with this one he hit a homerun

Fly Me to the Moon by Dibia$e
I love this track, has some vocals, but the repetition really helps with the creativity. Dibiase is a hip hop producer from Watts, Los Angeles, California, and his beats are awesome and a must in any productivity playlist. “Soon” is another track that has found its way in my playlist.

This is just a beginning list but I would love to hear what music helps your productivity.

If you are interested in my entire playlist, its available here.