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Digital marketing is a process of planning, implementing and tracking the delivery of content via web, mobile, and in-person channels. It’s an umbrella term for all activities involved in digitally promoting products or services. We offer a wide range of services that will help you reach your business goals. We do this by focusing on your needs and our expertise to find the best solution for you. Our services include:
Digital Marketing can be broken down into four main categories:
– Paid Advertising
– Email Marketing
By choosing Kindred Technology Group, you’re choosing a digital marketing agency with over a decade of experience, and expertise in every area of marketing.


We’ve been there before

We know what it’s like to have a major company’s website crash just before launch, or to have a client sign up for your campaign only to end up in bankruptcy. We’ve helped other businesses grow and succeed – and we can help you too.

The right fit for your needs

We offer clients one-stop-shop marketing that covers everything from public relations and content creation, to social media management and IT support – all at affordable prices.

Not getting enough bang for your buck?

At Kindred Technology Group, we believe in the power of teamwork to create the best digital marketing solutions. Our unique approach is based on creating an interdisciplinary team that includes project managers, designers, developers, strategists and more – all working together to bring you the best possible outcome. We’re out here to win together.

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Search Engine Optimization

A comprehensive search engine optimization strategy is about more than stuffing keywords into your web pages. It’s about crafting informative content that appeals to your customers, and that also happens to contain words and phrases that are narrowly targeted at search engines and the new customers your business wants to pick up. Our SEO experts know how to do it.

Internet Marketing

Everyone’s on the Internet these days, which makes it both more important and harder than ever to get noticed. Our team of Internet marketing experts based here in Montgomery Alabama knows what the best methods are for getting your online presence out in front of more Internet users than you ever thought possible.

Social Media Marketing

We know how to take your budget and maximize its power with highly targeted campaigns that get you more bang for your buck. No other company will offer you more value than us! Our social media specialists are experts in helping you create a successful online presence. We offer the flexibility to tailor your project to your needs, budget and timeline — whether you need a small boost or a complete overhaul of your presence, we can help!

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