What is Link Building?

Link Building is increasing quality links pointing to and from your site. This means having links to your site from other site. Think of it as “a popularity contest”. The more people who are talking about you the more popular you appear. But it depends who’s talking about you. If the kids with no morals are talking about you, you might not seem as popular with the right crowd. Also if the teachers are talking about you, it may legitimize your popularity. Link building works the same way. If you have links from low ranking sites with a ton of SPAM, Google doesn’t give you as much value. However if you have links on .gov, .edu or sites with high Page Ranks, Google gives you more authority because those are trusted sources. The goal is to have a diverse set of links from trusted sites.

Link Building Strategies.

Take Action:

Request links from other businesses.

So if you are a cleaning company and you do work for banks, try to get them to post a link on their site. Maybe they have a blog or an online newsletter. Another option is submitting your site to an online competition or some directory listing. Just make sure the Page Ranking, domain authority and trust flow is high. A good source for this is your local online newspaper.

Write a blog post for an industry leading blog.

Just make sure they have a high ranking, and make sure its a natural article without a ton of references to your site. All you need is one link. Make sure that link has a nice anchor text. In other words, if you mention, “leading cleaning company” in the blog post, make sure that links to your site.

Post comments on other blogs.

When you post a comment on someone else s blog post, you have to create a profile. This profile normally includes a link to your site. So when you post a comment, your name is actually a link to your site. Which is great right…yes, but most blog comments are nofollow. So Google doesn’t really put any value in them to help your SEO ranking. So why do it? Well, if the goal is getting people to your site, posting a comment on a industry related site would help. Lets say, you post a really informative comment on a blog post, a potential customer may click on it to find out more about your services. So not all link building is about Google.

Links to yourself and others.

Internal linking is also extremely important. For example, if you have an “About Us” page and you mention a service you offer, make sure you link to it. Not only is this good from a usability standpoint, the anchor text helps to boost your ranking. In the same way, external links to other sites help can help boost your ranking. So, maybe you create a resource page for your customers and have links to site they may find value in.

Link building is just one strategy in improve your SEO ranking, but a very important component. The key is to be a natural as possible with your link building or SEO strategy and to be consistent. If you’re looking for a quality SEO agency based in Alabama to manage your SEO campaigns, Kindred Technology Group is the best choice.  To sign up today, drop us a line Now