Why your site needs an SSL license right now?

It goes without saying that every website benefits from additional security, which is why securing an official SSL certificate is a step you shouldn’t skip, especially if you are running a commercial online platform. SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer and represents the accepted standard in online data encryption at the moment. By implementing this technology, you can ensure that sensitive data related to your customers won’t be compromised during the transfers across various data servers and networks.

SSL makes sure data is protected

No matter which line of business you are in, your website handles large amount of private data, including user login information, names and addresses, credit card numbers… Protecting this data from malicious interception is essential for continued success of your business, and online providers are obliged to do all within their power to prevent security breaks. The best way to do that is to encrypt all outgoing channels through a simple and reliable method afforded by the SSL technology. When this type of protection is active, sensitive information is coded before being sent to an external entity, so any intruder won’t be able to decipher it or abuse its content. Data can be decoded only by the intended recipient, ensuring that the original action will be completed in full.

A Badge of Honor

Websites that go through the SSL certification process are awarded a badge that can be displayed on the homepage. Presence of this symbol sends a clear and powerful message to potential and existing customers that their privacy is taken seriously by the website’s owners. Since the customers are increasingly aware of the need to shield their private data from identity theft, adherence to SSL standards can have a sizeable effect on the level of new traffic you receive. Conversely, failure to address the issue in a decisive manner might lead some members to switch their allegiance to your competition.

With E-commerce SSL is must

The need for SSL protection is especially obvious for websites that include e-commerce features in any form, since they are constantly sending and receiving sensitive financial data through online networks. Companies that keep phone or medical records of large groups of people should also consider SSL a priority, as should all law firms and other organizations that work with legal data. Since implementation of the appropriate solution is simple and inexpensive, even startups with basic websites would benefit from such a move.

Getting an SSL Certificate

If you are interested in acquiring an SSL certificate, you should seek a reliable web development provider that operates as an SSL vendor, and Kindred Technology fits this description perfectly. You will have to undergo a verification process, after which the central authority will issue a certificate that your hosting company can place on the server and allow your site to connect to the outside world through a secure channel. The website will have to be set up specifically to utilize this connection for all data exchanges that must remain private, and the system will operate automatically once it is set in motion. The arrangement typically includes an annual fee, while regular maintenance and periodic updates can be agreed with the provider. Contact Kindred Technology today to learn how to get your SSL license.