Design never fails, and every brand that invests in a new website wants it to look modern


At kindred Technology, we have a clear philosophy: the site should combine one-centered design and a strong narrative with a clear focus on supporting business goals and driving action.

We believe that recognizing and fulfilling the needs of users – your brand’s target audience – is the most important thing a website design company can do for you as a partner.

Brands are increasingly competing with customer experience as opposed to a price or product. Our job is to provide a seamless customer experience and keep you competitive. Our job is to combine the art of exquisite design with knowledge to drive conversion and promote real action at the right times.

We know that you aren’t just looking for an incredible designer. You want a partner to guide you through the process to help you achieve your business goals. We are passionate about the collaborative process that reveals the story of your brand  in the most powerful way possible.

Our design philosophy is human-based.

Design trends come and go. Design technology has seen skeuomorphic trends, flat design, parallax, long-moving pages, brutalism, shadows, mobile design, and flash animation, all with the tendency to go up and down. We follow the trends, but we also try to see them in a way that is people-centered.

Before we create, we try to understand our users and make decisions based on what they think and what they want. This means that public research and digital strategy are an integral part of our web design process.

As a web design agency Alabama, we know how easy it is to only focus on selling your products to keep your audience alive. But if you ask people to dig deeper or take the chance for your brand, meeting them on your terms is the right way to win. So, now more than ever, a brand needs a web presence that cares about the user in order to provide real human experiences.

An approach guided by history

When designing, it’s important to remember that people are storytellers. Sharing and listening to life’s story is part of what makes us human, and all the great experiences of the brand begin with the narrative.

What does it mean to tell stories in a visual context? Talking is so much more than writing long paragraphs or intelligent disposable liners. All aspects of the website, from the design language to the selection of images, content, and user experience, come together to either tell the story or divert its attention from it.

Each brand has its own story, but at the heart of every brand story is a promise to its customers. Do you promise fun and excitement, for example? From this basic promise, every image, symbol, page, and point of interaction must enhance that perception and develop its story.

Best practices are important, and our talented designers know them front and back – especially when it comes to the usability standards required to achieve compliance with the American Disability Act (ADA).

But even if best practices are present, they will not necessarily connect. Real buyers are developed when loyalty is credited to them. If your brand does not offer users that experience, your competitors will have a chance to take that spot.

Trends are constantly evolving and we can keep up. Whether you need a facelift or to build a mobile, functional website that fits your brand, we’re ahead of new trends to deliver compelling web design.

We help you bring new life to your online presence and give customers an experience that attracts, and keeps them coming back.

Our design process follows several basic principles:

  • Fast site development is the best.
  • Create stylish, clean, custom designs for individual brands.
  • Sites that are optimized for mobile devices should work on multiple devices.
  • Usability and beauty must work together.

Alabama website designers and developers work together to create modern designs that fit your brand and create experiences that you want to come to life. In addition, the quality of your work affects the maintenance and support costs of your location.

Easy maintenance

Website maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated, so we focus on creating a website that anyone can manage. Our easy-to-maintain websites are based on WordPress, a dynamic Web publishing platform used by millions of sites around the world. That way, you can quickly and easily create new pages, change content, and maintain your blog with minimal technical knowledge.


We appreciate quality and believe any time is the right time for a website update. And while code is invisible to most people, the correction costs are not. Our websites and apps are easy to maintain and update. Adding additional features or fixes needed in the future will not incur additional costs for your projects.


It’s hard to know when you’re actually making a positive difference within your website, but our work is clean, well organized and based on proven methods. Our end product is easy to update, easy to maintain, and enables simple design changes that do not require extra time and resources.