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WordPress 5 – A Famous Site Builder That Brings Along A Big Change To How Users Create Content Using Gutenberg

WordPress 5 – A Famous Site Builder That Brings Along A Big Change To How Users Create Content Using Gutenberg

WordPress is the world’s most famous free and opensource site builder and content manager. WordPress has been updating and upgrading gradually to improve its offerings; WordPress 5 is the latest one and released this year. One of the major updates included Gutenberg, which is a new content editor for WordPress. This will change the way content is created and displayed on WordPress Sites.

WordPress 5:

Numerous mini updates were surfacing but WordPress 5 marked the only major milestone of 2018. WordPress 5 brings some major changes including how the platform handles releases. This comes with key updates in the editor and the completely new editor named as Gutenberg. Additionally, it is a block-based editor which will let every user create outclass layouts using content blocks.


Wordpress Developer MontgomeryGutenberg deals with a customized system and movable blocks. This is very beneficial and helps user get more flexibility and regulate the way content appears on the page. It also provides the potential to handle all aspects of development and website designing.

Apart from editing experience, this will also bring most significant changes to multiple plugins and themes that are your favorite. You are recommended to upgrade to WordPress 5 in order to see the emergence of Gutenberg friendly themes. This is majorly designed to take advantage of all outclass features the new editor is offering. It comes with numerous blocks so that users can easily add other elements.

What if I don’t want to switch?

Considering the comfort and reassurance of WordPress developers, this project has upraised numerous questions about compatibility with existing WordPress content. Nothing to worry about – old content will stay just the way you want! If you think you are not ready to switch, you can still use the Classic Editor!

Some major effects and themes:

There are couple of interesting themes that are released for the users. This includes Atomic blocks and other new default themes. Basically the 2019 theme announces the Gutenberg first focus and other existing themes with no extensions. Some popular themes that came with WordPress 5 include Neve and Hestia; don’t worry, they offer full compatibility.

What’s the catch?

New editor helps you to replace your content with an updated and restructured writing experience where element of each content is wrapped in a single block. You can easily make changes and create engaging layouts without any code.

What changed?

On the other hand, old WordPress editor was just a simple text window – we are not complaining, it actually worked well, but you had to use multiple approaches to add images, galleries, videos and other content. You can visit Kindred for WordPress management and related services. In this way, you can effortlessly keep your website up to date with absolutely no hassle to implement themes and premium features.

Twenty Nineteen – new WordPress Theme:

WordPress has a new default theme, and they have decided to name it ‘Twenty Nineteen’. It is very useful and simple theme that can easily be used to start a blog or an amazing website. It is based on Gutenberg starter theme. This means that it completely user friendly and it also offers a canvas with slight distractions. Even a beginner can have complete freedom to experiment with the new editor and experts can create layouts with minimum sweat.

How to make transition to WordPress 5:

This new editor basically enhances the way content is being created and the way websites are being designed. If you are worried that how to make the transition to WordPress 5 then simply reach out to Kindred for best plugins, premium themes and creative new ways to create content in WordPress. We will build and manage everything for you!