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Our Mission is Simple

  • To provide remarkable quality designs for website development.
  • To assist customers in enhancing and marketing their brand online with a extensive array of services.
  • To develop attractive, professional, websites at reasonable prices.
  • To provide eye-catching quality logos to create an identity for your business or organization.

Putting People

First Since 2008.

Our about us is about you. It’s about helping you reach your dreams and your goals. When we started over 10 years aog our first client was setting up an online radio station and made $75. What we remember most isn’t the $75 but helping a client meet his goal of starting an online radio station to reach millions.

So maybe out budgets have increased a bit, but our goal to help people do amazing things hasn’t changed. We still give every project that level of commitment to not only reach completion but to reach success.
Our team includes some of the most talented developers and graphic designers in the world. However what sets us apart isn’t talent but taking the time to work directly with every client. It doesn’t matter if we are developing a 2000 page government website or creating a web app for a health care start-up, our commit is visible throughout.
We are a people helping agency that happens to be pretty awesome at web development.

We love helping people

We are Kindred Technology

Why Should You Choose to Work with

Kindred Technology Group?

Since 2008 Kindred Technology Group has been launching notable websites for a variety of businesses including academic agencies, churches, educational associations, ecommerce sites, law firms, large businesses companies, small companies, start-ups, and manufacturers.

Our success has been based on comprehensive website hosting, website design, website development, mobile development, and maintenance solutions for small, mid-size, and large businesses. Kindred Technology Group is a one-stop shop providing a full range of solutions for all your Internet marketing, design and development needs.


We Create Beautiful Things

We are building bridges with open source web technologies in order to connect the client’s goal to reality

Let’s Get Started

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.


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